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Below is a list of Akita advantages vs some of the disadvantages. We hope this information will help you decide if an Akita is right for you and your family. All dog breeds have advantages and disadvantages. It's good to know them before deciding on a puppy. We are only looking for people who can provide a forever home for the new addition to the family. 


List of advantages as follows:

    1. An Akita is a excellent guard dog and will give their life to save you and the family 


    2. Socialized Akitas have the best judgment and know when to bark and when to bite so socialize them early and often.


    3. Unlike most dogs, Akita rarely barks. So when they are barking, pay attention to what they are trying to tell you. 


    4. An Akita loves their family and needs a lot of interaction with people.


    5. Akita is not your average dog. They are very clean and do not like to be near feces. They clean to the point of being finicky and self groom. They have an almost cat-like obsession with cleanliness. Their thick coat repels dirt, making it easy for them to stay clean.


    6. They are relatively easy to potty train.


    7. Akita is one of the top loyal dogs 


    8. An Akita is a fast learner and can be trained easily, but they also get bored just as fast, so a good training program should be developed.


    9. Akita is not clingy or overly dependent 

    10. Akita is very calm breed of dog. They are sweet, loving and gentle.


List of disadvantages as follows:


  1. Akita is a large breed they eat a lot of dog food and must have large leashes and collars. Also, they need big doggy beds these are a few that we recommend------------


    2. They are prone to most big dog ailments such as hip dysplasia.

    3. Can be aggressive around other dogs (which is why we only breed adult dogs with an awesome temperament to help reduce this chance)

    4. Home insurance with an Akita can be more difficult because of their "perceived" dangerous nature.

    5. Akita is very heavy shedder. The amount and times they shed in a year will depend on your location. The average is twice a year.

    6. You may need a decent size car because Akita is big in size and needs room for trips.

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