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Below will help you identify the differences between limited akc registration and full registration 
Limited Registration 
Limited registration: Applies to a puppy or dog which the owner does not consider breeding. The owner takes home a puppy or dog to be a pet or a hunting companion. After the owner registers the puppy with limited AKC papers, the puppy will be ineligible to join AKC breed competition in a licensed or member dog show. However, the puppy is still eligible to be entered in any other licensed or member event. The events include Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog. Also, if the dog with limited registration is bred, their puppies cannot be registered with the AKC.
Full Registration 
Full registration: Is reserved for breeders and dogs that compete in AKC breed competition events. Also, if they get bred, their puppies can be registered with the AKC.
So what's the real difference? 
If you are NOT a breeder, you DO NOT need full registration on your dog. Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration only by the litter owner(s). The litter owner will need to obtain the Application to Revoke Limited Status and mail it to the AKC then the AKC will mail the owner the full registration copy. Limited Registration helps breeders protect their breeding programs and protect the breed and their breeding lines against puppy mills and back yard breeders. If you still need more information on limited vs full registration, email us or call/text us anytime. Hope this information helps.
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