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  Akita is a large powerful breed with an intimidating and noble presence originally breed for guarding royalty and used for hunting black bear and sometimes other animals. Akitas don't back down from a challenge because he is fearless and very loyal; also the guardian of the family. They can have 3-12 puppies and they are much larger at birth than your standard dog. They don't bark much; just once or twice to let you know someone is here and to let the incoming person to know they are there also. Your akita might be cool and distant with strangers but with his family members he will be affectionate and loving.
  There has been many famous Akitas over the years like the story of Hachiko, the most revered Akita of all time and in 1931 Akita was officially declared a Japanese national monument even Helen Keller in 1931 when traveling to Japan, she returned with the first two Akitas in the USA. The AKC recognized the Akita in 1955 and placed the breed within the miscellaneous class. By 1972 the AKC approved the Akita standard and was moved into the working class dog making the Akita a rather newer breed.
  Akitas are said to be protector of children since japanese women would leave their children with Akitas to watch over them. Of course with small kids you always want adult supervision just like you would with any other dog. When your Akita is barking it's not like any other dog barking, he/she is barking for a reason and they don't get intimidated. Always keep a eye on your Akita since they will never show pain or a sign of weakness. With other dogs, it's easier to tell when something is wrong or not right about them.
  And just like any other dogs, it's important to socialize him/her with pets of all kinds and sizes. It's up to you, the owner, to know which situations your dog can tolerate. Akitas are intelligent and can learn just about anything; you get what you put into your pet. Teach him/her the right ways as a puppy. It is fast and easy to potty train them which is a plus.
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